Block Schedule Options Expanded for Winter Quarter

Clover Park Technical College is always looking for ways to better serve its student population, and one of those ways will be implemented for the upcoming winter quarter when math and English block courses are added to the schedule.

While students already have flexible course choices – daily, hybrid and online – the block courses schedule allows for longer class periods on fewer days. This gives students more flexibility in work schedules and can lead to cost savings in transportation and childcare.

“This change is the result of research on supporting students,” CPTC Dean for Instruction Tanya Sorenson said. “We have a mostly adult, commuter population, many of whom have children and/or jobs off campus.  One way to help reduce transportation and childcare costs is to offer classes for longer periods of time on fewer days.”

Instead of a 50-minute course requiring travel to and from campus five days each week, the block course options will meet twice each week for two hours and 20 minutes. CPTC has already made use of block scheduling with courses in chemistry, biology, ASL, public speaking, and evening and weekend courses, among others. The additions for winter quarter will be block options for math and English.

“Equally important, the research that I found shows that most students learn better when they are in class for the two longer periods, rather than the shorter daily ones,” Sorenson said. “For instance, math students can spend longer on a lesson without interruptions. “

Block scheduling means yet another option for CPTC students to ensure they have the opportunity to pursue a college education while still maintaining work and family obligations. Winter quarter registration begins Nov. 15, with more information available here.