Accuplacer Fee Set to be Waived for CPTC Applicants

Beginning Monday, Sept. 18, prospective CPTC students will be able to take the ACCUPLACER assessment at no cost if they have applied for admission to the college.

The assessment is a tool developed by The College Board to measure writing, reading and math skills. It is used for placement into academic courses required for certificate and degree programs and as a prerequisite for entrance into select technical programs. Previously, the test cost $19.

However, as of Monday, that fee will be waived for students to take the test if they meet the following criteria: either they have applied for admission to CPTC and have an assigned SID or they are planning to attend one of CPTC’s High School Programs (Adult High School, Elective High School, Northwest Career & Technical High School or Running Start). Beginning the following week on Sept. 25, all prospective students must connect with one of CPTC’s entry specialists (Kiko Salas, Bri Naslund or Sheila Gomez) before taking the assessment at no charge. If a student plans to take the ACCUPLACER to take to another college and does not apply for admission to CPTC, the $19 fee will remain in place.

If a student chooses to take the test more than one time, their first retest will also be free of charge. Additional retests will require the $19 fee.

For more information about the ACCUPLACER assessment, click here.