Sustainability in Action: Automotive Technician Program

By Wayne Bridges, Automotive Technician Instructor

In Building 3 we are doing several things to reduce our impact on the environment as well as cut college expenses.  I will list some of the simple things we are doing to give you an example of how easy it can be:

  1. We have dedicated garbage cans with holes in the lids the size of aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  These are placed in the classrooms and labs.  The auto club uses the recycled cans as a fundraiser.
  2. We recycle as much paper and cardboard as is practical.
  3. Most days we leave half of the hall and classroom lights off.
  4. We shut down all the computers each weekend and holidays.
  5. We recycle all the automotive waste such as oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, metal, etc.
  6. We are implementing “green” shop clean-up practices such as oil-absorbent mats and mops in place of floor dry.
  7. Using waterborne paint products instead of solvent based.

If we all do just a little it can make a huge difference across campus.