CPTC Corporate Education’s Promise of Skilled Workers to Swedish Health

On October 14, Swedish Health Services and Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) Corporate Education (Corp Ed) celebrated its first graduating class from the 26-week Surgical Technician program of 9 students. These graduates, who were already caregivers at Swedish, will now transition from their patients’ bedside to the hospital operating room.

As Swedish has been striving to increase the utilization of their operating rooms, hospital leaders knew it was critical to continue to grow their number of skilled surgical technicians. Swedish and CPTC Corp Ed collaborated to come up with innovative solution: an on-site job skills training program, specifically tailored for Swedish caregiver needs. This training delivery was specifically designed to accommodate the full-time caregivers’ schedules so they could attend courses and lab instruction outside of their normal working hours.

Of the various programs CPTC Corp Ed offers, Swedish opted for a custom delivered training program. These custom training programs allow corporate clients to choose and plan projects that accommodate their employees’ work schedules and specific job skill needs. Swedish and CPTC trainers collaborated on a customized solution that consisted of an accelerated 26-week training program to achieve the basic qualifications for surgical technicians. The customized course content included the use of three tracks: surgical environment; surgical procedures; and hands-on lab work.

Through their participation in the accelerated job skills training program, the Swedish employees gained competency to work in an operating room while retaining their jobs in a supportive environment. The job skills training participants who completed the non-credit program have the option to matriculate into the Surgical Technology Program at Clover Park Technical College. As graduates of the accelerated program, they can enter the Associate of Applied Technology Degree program equipped with the knowledge and learning gained from the job skills training program, and are eligible to apply for academic credit toward the degree. 

CPTC Corporate Education wants to help your organization through our training, coaching, and consulting services. We take pride in our team of professional learning and development experts. Corporate Education trainers and consultants are:

  • Industry experts with years of experience in the field who understand your organizational complexities and needs.
  • Certified providers of a multitude of industry recognized assessments, tools, and evaluations to ensure consistency throughout the program.
  • Adult learning professionals who understand that learning is a process not an event.

Working with you to suit your business realities, our facilitators deliver courses using any of the following modes: 

  • Live, in-person, instructor-led; on a CPTC campus or at your preferred location.
  • Online, instructor-led; using Zoom or your preferred platform.
  • Self-paced, asynchronous (pre-recorded); we have an excellent platform.
  • Blended virtual and live.

CPTC Corporate Education believes that investing in your employees is a great investment in your business’ future. That’s why we focus on preparing your workforce for their next steps in their careers, just like Swedish Health Services did.

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