CPTC welcomes Amelia Grayson, new VP of Finance and Administration

By Jean Borst

Clover Park Technical College is pleased to welcome Amelia Grayson, CPTC’s new Vice President of Finance and Administration. Grayson began her new position Aug. 1.

In her role, Grayson oversees a range of departments, including budget and finance, capital projects, information technology, operations, human resources, campus security and more.

The Tacoma native comes to CPTC with an extensive background in accounting. She was most recently Director of Operations at Lighthouse Christian School in Gig Harbor and is also an adjunct professor for Seattle Central College.

“I’m so pleased to welcome Amelia Grayson as the newest member of the Clover Park Technical College Executive Team,” CPTC President Dr. Joyce Loveday said. “Our college community will benefit not only from her experience, but also her dedication to service, innovation and excellence.”

Fast five with Amelia Grayson

Between onboarding, meetings and a whole lot more, Grayson recently took time to chat about her new role and what’s ahead. We shot her five questions to learn more.

What excites you most about this new chapter in your career?

There are a lot of things, but I think what I’m most excited about is the opportunity to have a wider impact and influence on education. I’m a needs-driven person, and I also have a strong passion for everyone to have access to quality education.

Technical colleges are an increasingly important niche, especially for people who want to further their education and provide for their families. A four-year-university track isn’t ideal for everyone. Clover Park Technical College offers a faster, more affordable path to a meaningful and well-paying career.

As you dive in, what opportunities do you see at CPTC?

Right now, my focus is two-fold.

First, I think that there are always opportunities to work on team building and cohesion across the campus. At the same time, there’s some catching up to do on the finance side of the house, especially around audits and hiring. 

What do you consider your immediate priorities?

I look forward to continuing to get to know the people here and learn the lay of the land. That also includes understanding where the pain points are. Once I do that, I’ll be able to determine what the priorities for our division should be.

Ultimately, I look forward to advocating for students, faculty and staff, and helping build an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

Do you have a work or personal mantra?

One thing you’ll hear me say a lot is that I try to always live and work in the spirit of excellence. I’m not perfect by any means, but I will always try to do my best.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

I want people to know that I’m easy going, that I have an open door policy, and that I’m here to listen. There’s a reason we have two ears and only one mouth.