Dental Assistant Students Achieve 93% Pass Rate on Board Exams

The graduating class from Clover Park Technical College’s Dental Assistant program achieved a 93% pass rate on their General Chairside exam,  the last of their three Dental Assistant National Board exams. Students who pass all three exams are qualified as Certified Dental Assistants, which gives them a competitive advantage in the job market.

CPTC’s Dental Assistant Degree typically takes four quarters. Students take the Infection Control exam second quarter, the Radiation Health and Safety exam in their third quarter, and the General Chairside exam in their fourth quarter. The graduating class took the exam on March 10, with fourteen out of the fifteen students passing. Second-quarter students achieved a 94% pass rate on the Infection Control exam, with fifteen out of sixteen students passing.

The Dental Assistant program is the only local program that requires students to take and pass all three exams to graduate. When they graduate from the program, CPTC’s students are qualified as Certified Dental Assistants.