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Clover Park Rotary Club Works With Graphic Technology Program for a New Logo

July 26, 2019

As the area’s largest source for fresh and new design talent, the students at Clover Park Technical College’s Graphic Technologies program were offered an exciting task. They were approached by the Clover Park Rotary Club and asked to design their new logo, which would be used for their marketing materials including letterheads, brochures, website, and across their social media platforms.

Clover Park Rotary Club consists of 40 members from the surrounding areas of Lakewood, University Place, and Steilacoom. The club involves leaders and neighbors alike, who take pride in creating change and problem solving amongst their community. Part of their goal is to promote the local economy and support education. What better way to do that than to actively seek assistance from the largest technical school in the region?

Students from the Graphic Technology Program submitted their design concepts for what would eventually be the Clover Park Rotary Club’s newly updated logo. Sitting in their class with pent up excitement, they eagerly awaited what would be an excellent opportunity for one of their peers. Both program instructors, John Moyer and Darryl Owens, were present when David Hall, the public relations director of the Clover Park Rotary Club, came to announce the big news.

“First of all, I would like to extend my deep appreciation for the tremendous work you all did,” announced Dave. “I want to thank you for making me look like a genius. Recently John Munn, the Art Director of the Lakewood Playhouse, benefitted greatly from the amazing graphics produced by the Graphic Technologies Program at Clover Park. So it was a no brainer to follow his lead and say ‘Let’s go to the experts.’”

Hall had the idea to come to the college, and he won big when in just 30 days he received a variety of logo design concepts to choose from.

“Clover Park Rotary has been using the generic logos provided by Rotary International for the majority of its existence.” said David Hall when asked about the previous logo, “We wanted to refresh our brand and distinguish ourselves.”

In all, there were a total of 12 submissions from students in the Graphic Technologies Program. Those who threw their hats into the ring were students Scott Bateman, Camitta Booker, Lana Cooper, Jacob Culver, Nolan Cull, Hope Davis, Nicco Gulie, Crystal Herrand, Lee Shedd, Luis Torrescamacho, Joshua Westberry, and Zury Zamora. With so many quality designs it was not an easy task to pick just one.

“Each of the designs sparked a discussion among the club and board members. When we went over the designs that were shared, we were amazed by the quality, brilliance, and technical skill displayed by each submission,” Hall remarked.

“By unanimous vote, our board of directors and club members selected Hope Davis’ design as the new Clover Park Rotary Club logo. To which we have proudly added to our letter head, our website, membership brochure, and our social media pages. As you can see, our letter head has gone from generic to unique,” announced David Hall.

However, that wasn’t the only big news David came to share with the class. When discussing with Darryl Owens and John Moyer, how the Rotary Club could aid the students of the Graphic Technologies program, they discussed an issue that students face every year. So as a token of their appreciation, the Clover Park Rotary Club provided a $500.00 check to assist Running Start students in the Graphic

Technologies program with emergency assistance support for the summer quarter. It will be exciting to see what other opportunities will arise with the strong partnership and teamwork between the Clover Park Rotary and CPTC.

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