Clover Park Technical College Esthetic Science instructors Karlee Sorensen (left) and Melissa Siedlicki (right) accept the Lira Clinical School of the Year award from Lira representative Aimee Fuentes (center)

CPTC Esthetics Program Named School of the Year

October 11, 2016

While Lira Clinical representative Aimee Fuentes often visits Clover Park Technical College to educate esthetic students and clients about Lira products, her visit early this week served a more congratulatory purpose.

Fuentes presented the CPTC Esthetic Sciences program with the first annual Lira Clinical School of the Year award. Instructor Melissa Siedlicki accepted the award on behalf of the program.

“This school boasts high standards, takes esthetics seriously and offers superior education,” Fuentes said. “I’m confident in saying that students who have graduated from this program leave prepared and ready to work independently, with a dermatologist, at a MedSpa or even with a plastic surgeon. By far, I see the education level, the support and class curriculum, they all surpass other school esthetic programs.”

Lira is one of the product providers for the CPTC program. A large part of the job of an esthetician involves educating clients on which products could help them and making sales. According to Fuentes, CPTC students are more confident when it comes to knowing the right product recommendations, making CPTC one of Lira’s top-producing accounts.

“The esthetics field is competitive, and when students graduate and get their license and start working, they have to shine because of how competitive it can be,” Siedlicki said. “Our students are the ones getting and keeping good jobs, and our product reps see that and continue to work with us to give our students that training and those job opportunities.”

Fuentes echoed that sentiment, praising the program and Siedlicki in particular, saying she has “the passion, drive, motivation, commitment and insight of someone very unique. She is tough yet soft, firm but fair, confident yet humble, and above anything else has true integrity.”

Meanwhile, both Siedlicki and fellow instructor Karlee Sorensen spoke highly of Fuentes and her work as a representative who cares about education. That partnership benefits both Lira and CPTC, but most importantly it benefits students.

“When I see CPTC on an applicant’s resume, I know they have all their business and esthetic skills and are prepared from A to Z,” Fuentes said.

Fuentes forwards job postings she sees to Siedlicki and Sorensen, helping students find success in the industry and continue the growth of the program. This award recognizes that partnership and everyone involved.

“It was kind of a no-brainer,” Fuentes said of giving the award to CPTC.

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