Elizabeth Bock is a Running Start Cosmetology student at Clover Park Technical College
Elizabeth Bock is a Running Start Cosmetology student at Clover Park Technical College.

Elizabeth Bock to Go from the Evergreen State to the Emerald Isle

February 24, 2020

Elizabeth Bock took her time as a Running Start student seriously. She truly got a “running start” into her new career and will pursue higher education abroad.

In the fall, she will attend Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland, after she has finished all her courses in the Clover Park Technical College Cosmetology program this summer. She plans to work in hair design while taking more courses in fashion, starting with her Art and Design Certificate while on the Emerald Isle.

Bock always wanted to work in fashion and design. Things started to come together when she learned that other students at her high school were in the CPTC Cosmetology program. They were participating in the Running Start program and working towards their cosmetology license while simultaneously earning their high school diplomas.

When Bock was weighing her options for where to study cosmetology she was immediately drawn to the “small feel” of CPTC and the culture that fosters community.

Beginning as a Running Start student at the college was a big step for Bock.

“At the beginning, it was nerve-wracking,” Bock remembers. She recalls the initial disbelief of being in a college classroom. That shock quickly subsided as she transitioned into the program and saw the immense value of being a Running Start student.

“You felt like you were starting ahead, and people at the college were really helping,” Bock said.

Bock quickly became acclimated to CPTC and her instructors took notice.

“She was an excellent student,” said Cosmetology instructor Lorree Chiaro. “She always really paid attention and strove to do a good job. She is a very attentive, very kind, and a very nice person.” 

Big factors helping in the transition were Bock’s passion for the art and design world, and the supportive teachers she found at CPTC. She felt that they were supportive of her interest in other fields of design, rather than just hair.

“I made some really good friendships that will stick throughout working in this field,” Bock said. “Don’t be afraid to make those friendships and open up to those instructors and other students.”

Bock’s investment in the coursework was apparent to her instructors and those connections were solidified.

“I believe her passion made her really successful,” said Cosmetology instructor Trish Maguire. “She was always early and ready with all of her tools.”

While in the program, Bock took advantage of events outside of her Cosmetology coursework, participating in the Cosmetology program’s fashion show and volunteering to give free haircuts at an elementary school.

“You could just tell she really had a passion for this industry,” said Cosmetology instructor Sandy Frederick. “She followed instruction wonderfully but always added her own twist on things.”

One of Bock’s favorite memories of being in the program at CPTC was participating in the fashion show. The theme was centered on representing different time periods, and since Bock is interested in hair and fashion design, she appreciated seeing how hair, clothes, and makeup come together for fashion presentations. She even designed a dress that was modeled in the show alongside period hair and makeup.

It was the marriage of all these elements of design that Bock loved, and which connected her back to her plans of studying fashion after becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

“The Cosmetology Running Start students we’ve had are among some of the brightest, most talented, and most organized students we have,” said Faculty Counselor Kevin Kildun. “They enjoy the program so much that it doesn’t feel like ‘school’ or ‘work’ to them.”

If Bock could give one piece of advice to anyone looking into joining the Cosmetology program it would be this: “Be open-minded to everything. Be open to any opportunities that come your way, especially in this hands-on field."

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Elizabeth Bock is a Running Start Cosmetology student at Clover Park Technical College.