Janelle Wesson discovered a love for English after enrolling in CPTC's Accelerated English Program.

One Quarter, 10 English Credits

August 13, 2015

When Janelle Wesson enrolled at Clover Park Technical College two quarters ago, she looked for the quickest way to earn English credits.

“I used to hate English and I figured I’d get two done at once to knock it out,” she said.

Wesson took advantage of CPTC’s Accelerated English Program, which debuted Winter Quarter 2015. The program provides students the opportunity to co-enroll in developmental-level English 094 and college-level English 101. Students complete both classes in the same quarter, earning 10 English credits.

Not only did Wesson complete both classes in the same quarter, earning 10 English credits, she also found she loves English so much she’s going to be a work study for instructor Kristin Martindale next quarter.

“She helped us to understand it and we were able to enjoy it,” Wesson said.

Wesson had quite a bit of anxiety her first quarter at CPTC. She was a new mom and registered for 20 credits. She entered the Accelerated English Program with a dislike for writing, but found the assignments enjoyable. If she needed assistance in an assignment from her 101 course, she received it in 094.

Wesson even encouraged her fiance to register for the program next quarter.

“It might seem overwhelming with two English classes at once, but it’s so much easier to do both classes at once,” she said.

The program is designed for students who need to complete their English credits to begin their program of study, students confident in their English skills who want a faster pathway, students whose COMPASS Reading score placed them in English 101 but Writing score placed them in English 94, and students interested in being involved in the opportunity.

For more information, or to register, call 253-589-5744 or visit Kathi Medcalf in Building 10, Room 102 for permission codes.

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