Is I-BEST Right for You?

I-BEST is a college-level program that combines adult basic education with technical training to prepare students for high-demand jobs. Students may choose to continue on to degree programs in their related field. I-BEST offers a team approach that supports student development, and programs are selected based on high-demand, living-wage criteria.

CPTC has three I-BEST programs: Computer Assisted Design, Nursing Assistant — Certified, and Chemical Dependency Specialist.

If you meet any of the following criteria, I-BEST might be right for you:

  • It’s your first time in college.
  • You’re returning to school after a long absence.
  • You want to combine adult basic skills classes and technical training.
  • You’ve attained a high-school equivalency but appreciate additional classroom support.
  • You’re an adult language learner.
  • You want to succeed in college.

To find out more, visit the I-BEST page or contact Pat Lange at, 253-589-5524.