Public Speaking Students Present to Local Community Groups

To Clover Park Technical College instructor Dr. Phil Venditti, public speaking isn’t only taught by speaking to his students.

Venditti partnered with local community groups to give his public speaking students real world opportunities to practice a craft outside of the classroom. For the last five years students have presented to the Lakewood Rotary Club, the Lakewood United group and Kiwanis of Clover Park. Nearly 60 students have had the opportunity to speak at the community group’s meeting once a semester.

“They’ve been very accommodating and willing to give the students a chance,” Venditti said. “And they do positive work in the community.”

A group of four speakers recently presented 5-7 minute-long speeches at a Kiwanis of Clover Park lunch meeting at The Ram in Lakewood June 17. The group included Tiffany Nguyen, Alaina Hernandez, Galilee McCarrell and Al Brown.

“From me sharing my story, I hope they’re able to get something from it,” Nguyen said. “It was a good experience.”

Venditti’s students speak to Kiwanis of Clover Park each spring quarter, the Lakewood Rotary Club during the winter quarter and the Lakewood United group in the fall.