Staff and Faculty Participate in Active Threat Training

Clover Park Technical College staff and faculty participated in an active threat training coordinated by Director of Security and Compliance Lisa Beach on Sept. 14 and 17.

The 1 hour and 15 minute training was led by Lt. John Unfred of the Lakewood Police Department. The training included a PowerPoint presentation on situational awareness, a “Shots Fired on Campus” training video and a Q and A session.

Historically at CPTC, the college has operated under a “lockdown/safe room” model, which is geared more toward K-12, Beach said. Institutions of higher education are now moving toward a “run, hide, and fight option” in response to an active threat.

“It’s empowering our staff and students to have the awareness in order to make good decisions about their own personal safety,” Beach said.

The training was offered six times during the two dates to reach as many of the 400+ college staff and faculty during the quarter break. The training will be offered again at the Faculty Inservice Day on Oct. 23, and possibly again in early November.

Preparing hundreds of employees to respond proactively to a threat was a milestone for the college, not a stopping point. To stay vigilant, Beach said she is planning additional training opportunities in the coming years that build on this foundation. 

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