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Mechatronics: Unique degree, multiple applications

June 24, 2021

While typically a segment of a traditional engineering degree, CPTC offers a direct path to careers in this emerging field. In fact, the college kind of has the market cornered. The BAS degree is the only four-year mechatronics program offered in the Pacific Northwest, the only 2+2 (associate + bachelor’s degree) mechatronics degree in the U.S., and one of only 10 mechatronics BAS programs in the country.   “The BAS builds on technical skills offered in the Mechatronics Associate in Applied Science degree program, with additional emphasis on the engineering piece of the field that industry partners are looking for,” said Jason Sawatzki, CPTC instructor and co-founder of the BAS-Mechatronics program. That includes hands-on work with wireless communications systems, robotic integrators, distributed networking systems, simulation technologies, artificial intelligence, data analytics and more.

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