Nearly all of Clover Park Technical College's Health Sciences programs have benefited from the campaign with updated equipment and technology.

CPTC Foundation: Reflecting on Transforming Lives Campaign

May 3, 2016

Clover Park Technical College Foundation’s Transforming Lives Campaign ended Dec. 31, 2015, but the nearly $1 million raised will positively impact students and the campus community for years to come.

Investments were made in the Learning Resource Center with security cameras, student instruction labs and a new database subscription. The Alma Catalog System is in the process of being installed, and will help students through college and give them additional skills for their careers.

Nearly all of CPTC’s Health Sciences programs have benefited from the campaign with updated equipment and technology, allowing students to seamlessly transition into the workforce.

“We’re able to provide an opportunity for students to learn at a level that resonates with the industries that they’re going into because of the new equipment,” said Lyman Gifford, executive director of the Foundation.

The classroom experience in the 14 health-related programs replicate modern medical facilities and the campaign was able to add additional learning resources. The Nursing lab nearly doubled its number of hospital beds, the Pharmacy Technician lab has a “clean room” to simulate industry equipment and the Medical Assistant Program has simulated medical clinics.

Campaign funds will continue to be received over the next few years as multi-year pledges are met. Additional money will also go toward scholarships awarded by the Foundation.

The CPTC Foundation wasn’t alone in its campaign efforts.

“We appreciate our community leaders who served on the campaign leadership team and spearheaded this effort,” said Heather Ervin, formerly of the Foundation.

The names of Transforming Lives Campaign donors are listed on the art display inside the Health Sciences Building.

The CPTC Foundation will continue its work in specific areas of the campus through an Emerging Needs effort, targeting specific programs on campus that have needs for equipment and scholarships for students. The Foundation will work with industry professionals, the community and alumni to support these individual programs.

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